Alaska Grown

   Midnight Sun Peonies is owned and operated by husband and wife team Sue Kent and Clay Sullivan.

   We are both long-time geologists whose careers have taken us from mineral exploration to environmental consulting and now to peony farming!We have a 40-acre farm located near Sterling Alaska which is mostly in hay but slowly being converted to peony production.We started growing peonies as an experiment, but it has rapidly become quite a passion and a new avocation. We are founding members of both the Alaska Peony Growers Association (APGA) and the newly formed Alaska Peony Market Cooperative.

   We planted approximately 15,000 plants between 2007 and 2012 and we plan to plant at least another 5,000 over the next several years. In 2012 we greatly expanded our cold-storage and pack-house facilities and are now able to efficiently process large quantities of flowers all the while holding them at a steady 33-degree temperature.

Peony Field

Peony Fields